Sunday, September 21, 2008


Just a quick blip about my boy. He's going to be 3 soon! It all goes by so fast. Today I had one of those moments were you stop and realize this. Drake has severe asthma. The attacks are triggered by colds. He can't go to daycare but daddy teaches at one so we are always getting sick. Drake has episodes about once a month that require visits to the ED. This is despite being on 2 control meds. etc. Anyway, he is sick this week. He hasn't had a good nights sleep all week. Last night was the longest. We were at the ED at 7am. Drake is soo smart,loving,brave,etc. Being Ava's big brother and having his own issues, he is used to being in hospitals at this point. Drake knows the drill; he steps up on the scale, pulls his shirt up so the doctor can listen to his lungs, gives his finger for the o2 stat(92 not to bad for him), asks the doctor if he's going to check his ears,and holds his own neb. Wow what a big boy, right? Then the doctor leaves the room. Drake says "mommy, I'm a doctor,too." Then we talked about how he could help other boys and girls like him and his sister. Amazing my 3 knows what he wants to be. Fingers crossed. Maybe we have a little future cytogenetist.


crazymemere said...

I love this picture of drake,he is memere's little willy, and i know that he will be a great help with ava as she grows up. he will be able to teach/show her how to do things, as only an older brother can. He is a caring, loving, and kind little boy, and puts a smile on his memere's face everymorning with his goodmorning call. I feel truly blessed to have 2 great, yet different grandchildren, and hope that as a family we find the strength to take everyday as a gift that we are together, and find/give strength to each other as we live each day. One Day At a Time, Just for Today. XXOO

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Hi there. I found your blog from Abbie's blog and thought I would introduce myself. I am mom to Brady who is 3 years old and has an interstitial 1p36 deletion. We couldn't make it to the conference but hopefully next year!
Ava and Drake are beautiful and I love reading about them. Take care!